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Bootcamp and sculpt classes with Kristin are definitely the highlights of my day! She is motivating, enthusiastic, super funny and totally kick ass! She focuses on proper alignment to help her clients avoid inujry. She is inclusive of all levels and wants to see everyone having fun getting fit. Kristin is very dedicated to fitness and health, as well as spirituality. During the last 5-6 years that I've been with Kristin I have definitely seen a change in my body for the better. I've gained strength, endurance and confidence in what I can do physically. Her classes are the best!

Sabrina R.

We are lucky to identify a true leader, coach, and/or teacher in our lives. We may be lucky to find only one in a designated field of interest in our lives. If you are looking for a true teacher regarding your health, wellness, humor, and soul growth, Kristin is it. You not only experience the toughest and best workouts that can transform your body, but you also leave with wisdom that is necessary for your soul.


Kristin inspires and motivates her students to reach their maximum potential by guiding us through challenging classes and offering support at every turn.  She creates a deep sense of community with her outgoing personality that brings us all together, which makes us collectively work towards our common goal of self care and improvement.  Kristin is fun and funny, but beyond that, no one knows movement, body conditioning and strength better than her!  Her classes are designed meticulously to build our bodies with a safe and thoughtful approach.

Jill Cole

Kristin is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is an amazing instructor. Whether she’s teaching boot camp or yoga, her classes are always different, challenging, and fun. I’ve run and gone to the gym for years, and her classes sculpted my muscles in a completely different way. She makes a genuine effort to push everyone to not only do their best, but to practice proper form. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kristin and her classes. Kristin is hands down my favorite instructor.

Brit H.

Kristin has been an inspiration and got me into the best shape of my life.  She pushes people to reach a limit they didn’t know they had.  My form improved dramatically because of her mentorship.  She has such a devoted following because she cares deeply about her work and the students that attend her classes.


There are good trainers and there are great trainers and then there is Kristin, who is a phenomenally talented fitness trainer who is in a league of her own.  She has been a top-rated Yoga6 instructor for several years now, and there is a reason why her classes are full several weeks in advance! Her fitness sessions are thoughtfully choreographed to fun playlists to sculpt every part of the body; but what makes Kristin different from other trainers is her attention to detail to enforce that each person will be pushed to his/her personal max.  Her eyes are always on you, and this is a good thing- she wants each person to do each exercise efficiently and safely.  Her classes are always challenging but taught in a fun and supportive environment.  Kristin keeps the class rolling with her hilarious commentary and wild dance moves, except I’m usually too out of breath from the work-out to laugh as hard as I normally would. The one ”downside” of taking Kristin’s classes is that I now rarely find other fitness classes as enjoyable or personally challenging - if you follow Klove, she will spoil you by providing the entire package.

Johanna G.

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