Who I Am

Your Fitness Guru

Native Californian, Kristin Lovett has been teaching fitness classes since 2011 in Northern San Diego, Ca.  She fell in love with fitness in 2008 while living in Southern Oregon, where she began to teach Zumba, Yoga, strength training, surf and spin. After discovering the beauty of the people and coastline of North San Diego in 2011, Kristin decided to make it her home.
Since then she has consistently worked on cultivating her unique style of teaching. Her beliefs guide her to integrate all variations of movement for having fun, health, rejuvenation, mindfulness and overall well-being. 
Teaching is her true passion and purpose which students can feel when they take her Barre, Sculpt, Bootcamp, Vinyasa, Stretch, Slow Flows, Power Yoga and meditation classes. She also has a deep knowledge base of nutrition, eastern philosophy, western psychology and all aspects of spiritual growth and mind body wellness.

Kristin has a unique, balanced style of teaching that motivates, inspires, and enlightens her students. She encourages her students to show up as they are, to tap into his or her most authentic self, and have a blast while doing it!